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Day 116: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hello Eternal Campers! Today I finished editing the shot list to ensure that it’s completely up to date! This basically means that all material that’s been affected by the recent script change has now been updated. This means that starting in the new year, we can start making some more progress on the Eternal Camping project.

I’m going on my holiday break starting tomorrow so this is the last Eternal Camping update of the year. I will be back on working on the project in about two weeks! So until then: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Day 115: Shot List (Act Two, Part Two)

Hello Eternal Campers! I finished editing the second act of the shot list. That leaves only the third act for tomorrow. It’s actually kind of interesting going through every single shot this way: I’ve actually changed a couple of them around. This is to avoid having shots that are too similar to each other but also to clarify what I meant sometimes. Having to make sure that the shot list accurately reflects the script is actually improving the project. That can only be good.

Day 114: Shot List (Act Two, Part One)

Hello Eternal Campers! I hope you are all having a good day! I continued work on updating the shot list following script changes. I’m now well into the second act of the shot list and I’ve already gone through more shots than I can count. I believe I should definitely be done editing the shot list by Thursday. I know this isn’t the most exciting update but hopefully we can start making more progress when the new year comes!

Day 113: Shot List

Hello Eternal Campers! I feel that’s what I should call fans of the movie, Eternal Campers. It kind of just fits if you ask me.

As you know, I recently switched character names in the Eternal Camping script based on a note I got from a potential producer. This also prompted a couple weeks of edits in the script. I also edited the marketing materials. I also have a giant shot list that references the characters by name. As you can imagine, this will get confusing. I went into the shot list and started changing the names. I went through the whole first act.

At this rate, I should finish by Thursday. On Friday, I’m going to begin my two-week Christmas break and then I’ll be back to work on Eternal Camping.

Day 63: Shot List Done!

I can finally say that I have finished the shot list! That final scene I was holding out for today comes in at 77 shots-I think that’s the scene with the most shots. There’s a chance more shots will be added later or when we actually shoot but that’s the minimum number of shots I need to make the scene work. Anyways, I’m actually kind of in amazement that I’m 63 days into the project. In that timeframe, I’ve written a script, worked up a very rough budget, and now have a shot list. I’m happy that I’m continuing to make progress on the script!

Day 62: Shot List Nearing Completion

I can say that tomorrow, I will finally finish the shot list that I’ve been working over the last couple weeks. I really only have one scene left to do-the climax of the movie and the longest scene in the script. I decided to do every other scene in the movie first so that I could concentrate all of my energy to making sure that final scene works just right.

On Friday, I’ll do a quick overview of where I am in the project, try to see if the person looking over my budget has finished, and draw up a plan on what part of the project to concentrate on next.

Day 61: Shot List Work Nears End

I’ve managed to finish the preliminary shot list for the second act leaving just the last act for me to do-something I’m hoping to finish within the next couple of days. I was also excited because today I got to do one of the biggest scenes in the movie-the one where I really raise the stakes for the kids. That scene was already pretty clear how it’s going to look like in my mind but it was still nice to actually put that to the list.

Day 60: Shot List is Hard Work

Today I sat down and I just kept punching through the shot list, going through a lot scenes including one of my favorite ones from the script-one that I continue to hope will be an iconic one. Getting that scene perfectly right was very important to me and it’s a scene I also made sure I got a lot of different shots to cover it. I’m hoping to finish the second act tomorrow on the shot list and then finish the script by the end of this week.

Day 59: A Day of Shot List

Today was a busy day for me but I still made sure to spend time working on the Eternal Camping shot list! I still managed to get a lot of work done and I reach having twenty pages made up of just shots. There are only twenty-five days I’ve set out in the budget to film the movie but these are clearly going to be very busy days: even small scenes that only last a couple of lines can have like four or five shots attached to it! It’s a bit overwhelming but I’m up for the challenge.

Day 58: More Shot List Work

Wow, the last few days have been really productive when it comes to the shot list. I’ve been making a lot of progress in the second act and part of that is because it’s very efficient to do a shot list based on the idea of sequences rather than individual scenes. There’s something about making sure these scenes are connected that helps keep me mentally in the movie than when the scenes are independent. When they aren’t really connected by a single event then they can still be important but I essentially have to get back into visualizing the movie whereas with a sequence, it’s like a natural extension.