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Day 107: Script Change Done

The major script change of flipping the character names is finally done. Now throughout the script, Houston is Antonio and Antonio is Houston. This Freaky Friday body switch also came with some fixes to grammar and editing dialogue in certain scenes. I’ll probably spend next week going into other scenes that Antonio and/or Houston weren’t in and sprucing those scenes up. After all, the script isn’t actually done until production is over and it’s been shot.

Day 105: Major Script Change

Today I began going through the script making a significant change based on feedback I got. The original plan was that there is a character named Houston who represents faith and spirituality in the film. He suffers a crisis of faith in the film due to the end of the world. Meanwhile there is another character named Antonio who didn’t really want to go camping in the first place but has to accept this is his new home.  The feedback I got from someone planning on helping out with the film is she thought it would be better to switch the characters around. The characters stay the same: I’m just switching the names and ethnicity. Essentially what I’m going through now is switching the character names. So Houston is now Antonio and Antonio is now Houston. I’ve gone through the whole First Act today.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll finish up this major change. The story itself isn’t changing and only a couple lines of dialogue will actually be changed.

Day 45: Small Edits

Hello! So this week ends with another day of small edits and working on my other script as well as running plenty of personal errands. If I get feedback over the budget this weekend, I’ll be sure to go back to working on that on Monday. Otherwise, I’m going to start working on a shot list for every scene.

Day 44: Some Minor Edits

Hey! Today I’m very busy running personal errands and doing other work, including my new script, so I only made a couple of minor edits to the Eternal Camping script I’ve been meaning to make but just haven’t gotten around it. These are small edits and for the most part, the script is the same but slightly better since I started editing the script a week ago.

Day 43: Small Script Changes and Maybe a Big Change?

So today I continued to edit the script a bit, continuing to make minor changes through multiple scenes. I’m also considering a significant but not really time-consuming change based on some feedback. It’s swapping the names of two characters: they remain the same, the story doesn’t change, and it only requires making sure that the names are changed in all the right places. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to do this-but I do have a good reason of making this change. At the same time, I’m not sure if the change is actually necessary at this point.

Having said that, my primary effort right now is on my new script at least until I get feedback on my latest budget. If I don’t get feedback by Monday, I’m going to move forward with some other planning to start making some non-script progress.

Day 42: Editing

So with my budget still under review, I dedicated some time today towards editing Eternal Camping: tightening up dialogue at a couple places, adding a few lines, removing others. It’s not the most exciting work but it does create a tighter, better script.

For the most part, though, I’m actually working on writing another script-a comedy pilot-until I’m ready to enter a stage where there is more to do on Eternal Camping. I’m still committed to this project but until it’s ready to move forward to the funding stage, there frankly isn’t as much for me to today.

Day 41: More Work on the Script

Wow. 41 Days into the Project and still so much work to do. I’m still waiting to get feedback on the budget from a few trusted sources but worry not for I have continued to beef up the script: making small changes to the dialogue so it sounds better. The goal is to go through every single scene and punch it up on days when I don’t have much to do: this was one of those days. It’s not the most exciting time of the project but I’m sure once the budget is done and I’ve started to raise money, this blog will pick right up!