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Day 336: Third Act

(Storyboard art from Maria Terentieva)

Today I kept working on the script, this time concentrating on the third act. The goal was to keep improving the character journey arts and the dialogue to make it as good as possible. There really isn’t much more for me to say. Tomorrow, I’ll go over the latest revisions!

Day 335: Second Act

(Work-in-progress art from Maria. It is very rough at this stage.)

Today I kept working on the script. I went through the entire second act, continuing to make changes as I fixed things I wasn’t entirely happy with or saw entirely new problems. I also made sure to refine the character arc so that they work the best. Overall, the script is improving dramatically over the last couple of weeks which makes me more confident about it.

I also had a meeting with Maria. Once again, she’s been progressing nicely and I believe she’ll be done sometime in December. There’s not going to be another meeting for two weeks due my week-long Thanksgiving break. Because there’s no strategy day today, I decided to reveal the art Maria showed me today.

Day 334: First Act

Today I continued to the process of improving the script before going on Thanksgiving break. I concentrated today on the first act of the script. I fixed parts that I worked on yesterday that I wasn’t happy with. I’m not 100% satisfied yet but I am getting there. I also continued to refine dialogue and make sure that all of the characters are starting on their arcs correctly. I also started to leave notes for myself on which scenes I could possibly cut if we raise less money than expected or which scenes could be expanded if we raise more money. In essence, I continued improving the script but also kept an eye on the budget: this will be important depending on how much money we raise through the Indiegogo campaign.

Day 149: Casting!

So today I made some progress once again in contacting people with the Odessa role-making sure that every child who submitted an application has the opportunity to at least deliver a line reading so I can make the best decision possible. Tomorrow, I’ll start contacting some of the adults to see if they can sound like the character within the same age range. I know it’s taking me longer than expected to make a decision but that’s only because I got so many great submissions!

I also got a setback some because the spreadsheet I was using kinda broke. For some reason, it’s no longer letting me resize pictures and I’ve started seeking help from the OpenOffice support forums to solve this issue.

It is not too late to submit an application for the Antonio, Odessa, Dallas, Laredo, and Houston roles as we’ve yet to commit to anyone! This is a reminder that this casting is for the Indiegogo video and it’s voice-over only. Meaning you can record from pretty much anywhere in the United States. The casting for the actual movie will take place once we have secured funding.

You can apply through backstage, by sending Eternal Camping Facebook page a message, or by contacting me by sending me a message using the contact form on the front page of the Eternal Camping site.

Day 111: Eternal Camping Edits Act Three

And now, I have finished editing the script for the year. I went through the short 3rd Act and was able to tighten up some of the dialogue. I’ll likely return to Eternal Camping’s script sometime in the near-probably as we get closer to being ready to launch an Indiegogo campaign. Tomorrow I’ll flip the character names in the Indiegogo marketing materials to ensure that it’s accurate.

Day 110: Script Edits Act Two (Part Two)

I continued working on tightening up the dialogue and the scenes for the second half of Act Two. This means that by tomorrow, I shall have finished with the current round of edits for the script. This isn’t the last round of edits, don’t get me wrong, but I likely won’t touch the script again until the new year comes. On Friday, I’ll also edit some of the Indiegogo materials to ensure that the character name switch is properly reflected when talking about Antonio and/or Houston.

Day 109: Script Edits Act Two (Part One)

Today I kept working on making small adjustments and more proofreading through the scenes that Antonio/Houston weren’t in. I’m now through the first half of the Second Act: meaning that I’m about halfway through the script. Once again, these are generally small fixes to make sure that the dialogue is as top-notch as possible and that it’s natural for even child actors to read. It’s also making sure that if the Antonio/Houston characters got referenced in any of these scenes that the reference is the right one.

Day 107: Script Change Done

The major script change of flipping the character names is finally done. Now throughout the script, Houston is Antonio and Antonio is Houston. This Freaky Friday body switch also came with some fixes to grammar and editing dialogue in certain scenes. I’ll probably spend next week going into other scenes that Antonio and/or Houston weren’t in and sprucing those scenes up. After all, the script isn’t actually done until production is over and it’s been shot.

Day 105: Major Script Change

Today I began going through the script making a significant change based on feedback I got. The original plan was that there is a character named Houston who represents faith and spirituality in the film. He suffers a crisis of faith in the film due to the end of the world. Meanwhile there is another character named Antonio who didn’t really want to go camping in the first place but has to accept this is his new home.  The feedback I got from someone planning on helping out with the film is she thought it would be better to switch the characters around. The characters stay the same: I’m just switching the names and ethnicity. Essentially what I’m going through now is switching the character names. So Houston is now Antonio and Antonio is now Houston. I’ve gone through the whole First Act today.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll finish up this major change. The story itself isn’t changing and only a couple lines of dialogue will actually be changed.

Day 45: Small Edits

Hello! So this week ends with another day of small edits and working on my other script as well as running plenty of personal errands. If I get feedback over the budget this weekend, I’ll be sure to go back to working on that on Monday. Otherwise, I’m going to start working on a shot list for every scene.