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Day 6: Antonio

The final character in the script is Antonio, named after San Antonio-my hometown and where all of the characters will be hailing from. As the final character in the script, I wanted him to be radically different from all of the other characters.

All of the other characters know what they want their future to look like. The kids have dreams of careers while Austin has been building his life the way he had dreamed of. Antonio is different in that like so many kids, he has no idea what he wants to do when he grows up. His future was always a blank slate. Now that society is gone, he might not have lost his future but he does feel the loss of the present more acutely than the other characters because that’s all he’s had.

While the rest of the characters are trying to figure out what they are going to do with the rest of their lives, Antonio is more concerned about what he’s going to do now that the life he’s been used to is gone. How will he adjust his living? He does want a future but to him, the future will come and when it does he’ll know what to do then. So what he does in the present is paramount.

There’s also the inherent conflict in that while the rest of the characters either wanted to go camping or accepted it, Antonio didn’t want to go and he resisted it. He’s forced to go on this trip by his parents. This influences his arc, his ability to enjoy the present, but also his relationship with the rest of the characters.

All of this forms a character who is quite different from everyone else that allows him to stand out.

The Plan

On Day One, I revealed my plan on slowly but steadily bringing this project to life. I am now done with the first step.

[*] Create all six characters. One down, five to go.

[*] Create a plot outline based on the character arcs.

[*] Write a script based on the plot outline and the character personalities. The script will be around 120 pages long and will likely be dialogue heavy.

[*] Take the first draft of the script and start to improve it. In this stage, I will also start to take into account what budget I will need.

[*] Once I have a budget, I will attempt to raise the funds-the current aim is $50,000. The script will continue to be modified at this point. I may also attempt to find somebody to help produce the movie with me.

[*] With the funds raised, one way or another, is to go through pre-production. Cast the movie, hire a local crew, get equipment, and find a location (preferably within the San Antonio area).

[*] Go into production. I’m hoping to shoot the whole movie within 20 days.

[*] The long post-production period. I’m hoping to have money for a video editor and sound editor. Hopefully, there won’t be any need for CGI-I’m specifically writing the script to avoid anything like that.

[*] Once the movie is done and locked, I will send it to festivals and attempt to find a distributor.

Tomorrow I will begin the plot outline.