Work-in-progress Storyboard Art from Maria Terentieva

One day during summer, a group of scouts go camping in the middle of the woods. They are led by their scout leader who has temporarily taken over the group from his terminally ill father. They have fun but during their stay, the leader gets reports from civilization as it falls to a zombie apocalypse. The leader not only has to find a way to figure out a way to move on but he’s in charge of a group of kids with close to no resources. As he struggles to hold it together, the children have to figure out what kind of future will they have without technology, a functioning society, or even their families.

It’s a movie aimed at really asking people: what would you do if everything we know and are used to is taken away from us? If we don’t have access to stores and farms? If we lose access to manufacturing and electricity? If in just a few short days, we go back to being hunters and gatherers. It’s a coming-of-age tale that forces the kids to grow up fast if they want to live. It’s a tale of having to overcome obstacles you never imagined having to face. Nobody is prepared for this.

There are no zombies in the movie but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any danger. Eternal Camping has comedy in it but it’s not afraid to get serious: lives hangs in the balance and the sense of loss is truly profound. Can they survive? Can they find a place in a new world? In the end, hopefully the movie is entertaining, thrilling, funny, but it also makes you think.