Work-in-progress Character Art from Maria Terentieva

The following are the six characters of Eternal Camping:

Austin: The adult of the group, he’s the leader of the scouts who took over the camping trip for his terminally ill father. An actor with moderate success, he put his career on hold to be there for his dad. Now he’s left alone in the woods with a group of kids he’s responsible for after society has collapsed. As he struggles to come to terms with that, his grasp on his sanity starts to slip which puts all of the other characters in danger. Will he be able to keep it together and lead the children?

Dallas: He’s a true Texan: cowboy hat, boots, and belt. He knows how to hunt and survive in the wild. He’s also a natural leader. As the movie develops, he starts to come into conflict with Austin over who the kids follow. And yet, Dallas is still just a child. Is he truly ready to lead the scouts?

Antonio: A religious child, Antonio has a crisis of faith when the world ends. How could God have let this happen? What is God’s purpose in keeping the scouts alive? As Antonio grapples with questions of faith, he also has to figure out who he is. With him, the movie is able to tackle the issue of faith in an impossible scenario.

Laredo: A budding actor who suffers from self-esteem issues. His twin sister, Odessa, coming along on the trip upsets him but when society falls, his relationship with her is really tested. As he figures out his place in the world, his bond with his sister might be the only thing that keeps him grounded.

Odessa: The only girl of the group who managed to tag along with the scouts thanks to her twin brother. She struggles to not only prove herself in the group but seeks to define her place beyond just her gender. She doesn’t just want to be someone who cooks and does laundry.

Houston: He’s the only kid in the group who doesn’t want to be there. He’s always been more comfortable indoors on his computer than outdoors in nature. Now that he’s facing a reality where he can’t go back home, he has to find a place in a world that he’s always avoided.

Each character grapples with the themes of the movie and at the same time each in their own way come into conflict.