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Day 394: Indiegogo

Today we managed to get to $800-just $200 shy of hitting the $1,000 milestone! We hope to be able to reach that either later today or tomorrow. Progress has been slow and we do need to pick up some real momentum if we want to reach significant enough funds to make it worthwhile. We’re at work at doing that: we’re sending out multiple status updates throughout the day, trying to get friends to donate, and even consulting with some crowdfunding experts to see what we can do to increase our yield.

There really isn’t much else to say except that we are considering the possibility of extending the deadline especially if we start to see some real progress with funding. We’re hoping that since we’re putting in the work and as we approach the weekend, we can increase the speed of donations we’re getting and start getting some real momentum. As paychecks come in, people who have been waiting to donate will get a chance to do so. So just because progress has been slow doesn’t mean we’re giving up or that there’s no way we’ll get significant funding to do to the movie!

Remember if you’ve donated to tell your family and friends about the project! We’re also always available to answer any questions about the project. Thanks for all the support so far, it really means a lot! We believe that with your help, we can do this!

Day 393: Indiegogo

Today we kept working on spreading the word about the Indiegogo campaign. We’ve increased donations to $700 and overall we did better on our second day so far than we did in the first day.

We’re going to keep spreading the word throughout the day but just to clarify where we’re going if we don’t meet our funding goal:

[*] If we get a decent amount of money (at least $5,000) from the Indiegogo campaign we can combine it with our independent raised money to have a basic bare bones budget to shoot the movie. It will mean having to make some painful budgeting decisions but it can be done.

[*] If we don’t raise around at least $5,000, we’ll be refunding the donors and won’t collect the money. We’ll still make the movie but expect a larger delay in the production of the film. It’s also possible we’ll explore another crowdfunding run-maybe on another platform.

The movie will happen regardless of we meet our goal but it will impact the quality and time if we don’t get any level of funding from our Indiegogo run. If you’ve donated, please continue sharing! If you haven’t donated but are thinking about, please free to contact us to see if we can convince you! We do need this money to create a good movie in a timely fashion!

Day 392: Indiegogo

Today I launched the Indiegogo campaign! It’s been a long time coming, I’ve been working on it for a long time, and it was finally time to do so! I launched the project early in the morning (in California time) and have been working hard at spreading the word. I’m hoping that as people get home and see the messages I sent and Facebook posts that it will lead to contributions, create more momentum, and get us funded!

I’ve also started contacting some of Indiegogo’s partners who have helped campaigns get funding. While $305 is a start, I feel like having some agencies help with the marketing will improve the crowdfunding effort. I probably should have done this before launching the campaign but hindsight is 20/20.

I’m going to keep working throughout the rest of the day to keep spreading the word! Together, we can fund Eternal Camping!

Day 391: Marketing + Strategy

And folks we’re at the end of this stage of the project: the final marketing push before the Indiegogo campaign is coming to a close. There are still a couple of tweets that will be sent out, over the weekend, but on Monday, I’m launching the campaign. It’s been a long journey, over three hundred days, to get to this point. From when I first started writing the script and updating the blog to working on the budget and then on actually crafting an Indiegogo page/video….it’s been more than a year since Eternal Camping first began. Monday all the work will lead into a campaign that I hope is a success.

Whether the campaign is successful or not, Eternal Camping will happen. It simply determines how many resources we’ll have to our disposal and the timeframe. If we get the funding now, we’ll have shot the movie by the end of the year. If we don’t, we might have to hold back as we plan how to shoot the movie. The good news is we do have some budget but it won’t be anywhere near $50 grand.

It’s not exactly a make it or die moment for the project but it is a key pivotal one. It’ll help determine production value. If you’ve been following Eternal Camping then I hope to see you as a supporter of the project: donate, spread the word, do everything you can to make sure we can craft the best movie at least in terms of production.

Here’s the schedule for next week:

Monday: Up until now, I’ve been working on Eternal Camping part-time. If we get funding, this will change but during the campaign, I’ll work full-time and on weekends. I’ll spend the day launching the campaign, creating three Facebook ads for it, and spreading the word. Expect a very late update this day.

Tuesday: Keep working at spreading the Indiegogo campaign.

Wednesday: Keep working at spreading the Indiegogo campaign.

Thursday: Keep working at spreading the Indiegogo campaign.

Friday: Keep working at spreading the Indiegogo campaign.

Saturday: Keep working at spreading the Indiegogo campaign. This will be the first time I release an update on Saturday.

Sunday: Keep working at spreading the Indiegogo campaign. This will be the first time I release an update on Sunday.

Day 390: Marketing + Indiegogo

Today I kept working on analyzing the marketing. I actually collected all the information and continued to analyze the information. Why do I keep looking at ways to improve marketing? Because during the first week of the Indiegogo campaign, I plan to continue promoting on Facebook. I’m going to promote the Indiegogo campaign directly in the hopes it’ll lead people to check it out and donate.

I also continued making some last minute changes to the Indiegogo campaign. I made sure that the information was correct about the business I set up, that the information was accurate, and clarified what happens to the project if we don’t meet our funding goal. I’ll admit, I’m getting more nervous as we approach Monday but I’ve done all I can with my limited resources to guarantee it’s success!

Day 389: Marketing + Indiegogo

Today I kept working on the marketing. I have to say so far that this has been one of the most successful weekly¬† ad campaign and I think we’ll reach 1,500 likes by Friday. Hopefully this momentum will carry over into next week when it matters and lead to Eternal Camping getting funding by the Indiegogo campaign.

Speaking about the Indiegogo campaign, I’m happy to say that for the first time since I set up the campaign page, I’ve added the video to it. I also did some other minor edits, proofread the page, and continued to make some last-minute adjustments. I’ll continue to do that tomorrow but the only thing now stopping me from launching the project is that it’s not February 27th!

Day 388: Marketing + Video

Today I kept working on the marketing for Eternal Camping by analyzing the current ad push for likes to see if I need to make any adjustments or not. It seems to be working rather well. The cost per page like is $.60 which is about in line with the other advertising pushes I’ve made.

I also made some last minute adjustments to the video. I was pretty much planning on just updating the credits to make sure they were up-to date and to swap out the Twitter/Facebook/Indiegogo images to better reflect the latest version of those sites. I believe the credits are right now and the latest images are now in the video. I’ve exported it for the final time. I believe I got all the names right as well so there should be no need for me to ever open the iMovie file again!

I did make a couple adjustments I didn’t expect to have to make. For some reason, some of the files in the video went “missing” so I had to replace those. But I also decided to change the way the credits started by overlaying it on the final image. I feel like this works better in keeping the momentum by naturally building into them. I also added a last fade to black at the end.


Day 387: Marketing

Today I continued work on the marketing campaign. I scheduled the first of the countdown tweets until February 27th: we’re getting really close to launching this project! I also finalized this week’s ad by making some adjustments. I think it’s an interesting ad with some great adwork by Maria that should hopefully grab people’s attentions and get people to like the page.

There really isn’t much else to say except that I’m excited and nervous about next week! Still, I believe I’m doing everything I can this week to set the Indiegogo campaign up for success.

Day 386: Marketing + Strategy

Today I kept analyzing the marketing of this week and I’ve continued to work on next week’s materials based on that. I’m pretty confident that next week’s marketing push will also be successful in driving likes to the Facebook page. Next week is an important one for the project: it’s the final week before we launch the Indiegogo campaign I’ve seen over a hundred days working on. I’m hoping that the launch on February 27th will be very successful but I won’t lie and pretend I’m also not nervous about it.

I would expect a few tweets/posts next weekend as we’ll begin a countdown on Monday to the Indiegogo launch day. I’m also going to work next week on finalizing just about everything. While the Indiegogo video is all but done, I still need to update just a few things. I also need to bring the Indiegogo page up to date and do a last minute check of it. That way on Monday, all I have to do is launch the project.

Next week’s schedule:

Monday: Marketing! Launch a new ad campaign.

Tuesday: Marketing analysis + Finish up the video

Wednesday: Marketing + Indiegogo page update

Thursday: Marketing analysis + Indiegogo page update

Friday: Marketing + Indiegogo strategy

Saturday: Marketing

Sunday: Marketing

Day 385: Marketing

Today I kept working on marketing the Eternal Camping campaign. It was mostly work on analysis and preparing potential material for next week’s final marketing push. I’m going to be busy next week with marketing, making sure the Indiegogo page is up to snuff, and doing some last minute updates to the Indiegogo video and exporting it so I wanted to get a head start on the marketing material today.

I also kept working on analyzing the marketing material. As you can see from the image above, since January 20th we’ve gotten almost 1,000 likes alone in that period. We’ve seen a significant increase in our reach and post engagement as well as our page views. Our page actions are low but I’m hoping that will increase once we launch the Indiegogo project and there’s more room for what Facebook defines as action.

In the end, things are working out well!