Day 404

Hello! So yesterday the Indiegogo campaign closed out at $925, meaning we got 2% of our funding goal. At that funding level, we will soon be reimbursing people for their pledges. Once again I’d like to thank every backer for contributing to the project this time and hopefully next time the next campaign will go better.

At the moment, Indiegogo isn’t letting me refund the money so we’re going to do that once it’s been handed to us (the week of March 20th). When that happens, we’ll contact you and figure out a way to refund the donation whether it be through paypal or some other way.

We’re also suspending the blog for the moment. I’ve been working on this project for 404 days so I’ll also take a few days to take a break. We’ll keep working on bringing the project to life, including potentially trying a new campaign in the future, but the purpose of the daily updates was to generate interest for the campaign.

If we decide to do a new campaign, we’ll bring the blog back. But for now, we’ll work on the project as we can and deliver a great movie. In the meantime, we’ll also be working on a few short films.