Day 402: Indiegogo

Today we kept working at spreading the word for the Indiegogo campaign as we enter the weekend. This will be the last chance to donate and gain momentum so we’re busy at spreading the word one final time. This involves also scheduling messages for the weekend. We’re going to make sure that for the last couple of days and up to the last minute, people are at least aware that our campaign is going on and ending to give people a chance to donate.

Depending on how it goes will determine whether or not there are updates this weekend. If we start to see some real momentum, we’ll make sure an update on Saturday and Sunday comes out. If not, the next update will come Monday once the campaign is over as we look over what went wrong (or right). But just because there aren’t updates doesn’t mean the word won’t be spread or we won’t be around to answer questions or address any feedback.

We’ll be around, hard at work, trying to create some last minute momentum.