Day 400

Today is the 400th day that we’ve worked straight on Eternal Camping. We had been hoping that we’ve been at least partially funded by now but so far that has yet to happen. We are still working hard to try and get to at least $5,000 by the end of the campaign on Monday even though at this rate, that’s quite a hill to climb. But it’s a hill we will keep climbing not only because we have been working on this for over a year now but because we really do believe in Eternal Camping.

It’s true that today is more or less the same as yesterday: keep spreading the word and keep Eternal Camping at the back of the minds of potential backers. But even though we seem to be stuck at $830, we also thought it’d be worthwhile to at least commemorate the 400th day.

If you’ve been following the project from the beginning, you know that when I first started working on Eternal Camping, I was alone. I had an idea but it wasn’t fully fleshed out or developed. I eventually did develop it, I crafted the characters, and came up with a plot outline. From that plot outline I crafted a script that’s been a popular read with everyone I showed it to. There’s been some changes to the script since then but the core of it remains the same.

From then on, I did some preproduction work. This is about the time that I brought Jeffrey on board. Together we worked out a budget of $250,000, lowered it to about $50,000, and made areas where we could cut it down dramatically if we failed to raise $50k. We did a shooting list and did other work. It was quite a journey and then January of last year, I felt confident in the progress we had made to start working on the Indiegogo campaign.

It took a year to launch this project. This wasn’t something we just did: the video took about a year to produce and had some multiple iterations before the final product you saw. Some of them were very rough videos. We also worked on the page and tried to build up a social media following before we launched. We succeeded in a lot of these things: we do have over 1,500 likes on Facebook, the video we finished is pretty good, and we remain proud of the work we did on the page.

This is why we’re committed to finding a way to make Eternal Camping work if this campaign doesn’t work. We do have some money set aside to help finance the movie but if we don’t raise a minimum, it is going to take longer for us to shoot the film. That’s okay. Hacksaw Ridge was a movie that took over a decade to get to the screen and it was one of the most amazing films last year.

If we do get some level of funding through Indiegogo, we can shoot the movie this summer. We will have the resources to get the talent and crew we need to ensure we have great production value.

Since this is the 400th day of working on the project, I feel like I should also once again thank the people who have been critical in getting the project to this stage: my parents, my sister, Jeffrey Santos, Maria Terentieva, Chris Harvey, the voice actors who helped with the teaser, and most importantly God. Whatever happens over the next remaining days, these people have supported me with my crazy dream of making a movie.

400 days in but no matter how many days it’ll take, we’ll finish Eternal Camping!