Day 398: Indiegogo

Today we kept working on spreading the word. To be honest, there probably isn’t much left we can do except that to make the campaign a success. We’re hitting our friends and family on social media and trying to get as much attention as possible on Facebook and Twitter. Since Instagram demands a picture for every post, we haven’t really concentrated that hard there.

We’ve had some success from Facebook last week: almost half of our backers followed our Facebook link before donating to the site. The rest were split between the contacts we e-mailed and a message board I ran. Interestingly enough, only one backer has come from our twitter link. Our backers do seem to be primarily family and friends. We’re thankful for your support so far!

We’ll keep trying this week to create some real momentum. If we can significantly increase our backers and the amount of money we’ve raised then we’ll extend the deadline. It isn’t over until the actual campaign has ended!  If you haven’t already, make sure to share the campaign with the people you know!