Day 397: Indiegogo

Today we kept working on spreading the word! We’ve also started communicating with some people who had promised to donate over the weekend. At least one of them has delivered so far and we do expect the rest to follow suit: we’re now up to $830. We’ve also been taking a look at what has worked into bringing backers in: one of the most popular sources is a forum I actually run, some family, and a few friends. So far we’ve had no real conversion from the people who liked us on Facebook .

We’re not entirely sure why we haven’t been able to get any of the 1,500 people who liked us to donate to the page. We’ve gotten no feedback from them either. They could be waiting to see if the campaign was going to have some real momentum before dedicating their resources. If at least some of them had been donating, we’d be a lot closer to the goal and probably have enough money by now to at least fund a bare-bones version of the movie.

Now we still have a week left. If you are skeptical about donating, we really would like your feedback. Not just to see if we could convince you to donate but also to see where we could improve the project to gain some momentum this last week.

We’ll keep trying to hit our goal and trying to see if we can at least raise $5,000 over this week! If not, we’ll of course refund our backers.

We won’t be posting an update tomorrow, but we’ll be doing the same as the last few days: keep posting updates, keep trying to get people to donate, keep trying to get funded.