Day 396: Indiegogo

Today we kept working on the Indiegogo campaign. We’ve been sending out some more tweets and Facebook posts. We also worked on some potential press releases-we’ll see if those have any result. In general, we’re hoping to use the press to increase our exposure but we’ll see if that works.

If we’re being brutally honest, at $800 after one week, we likely won’t meet the $50,000 goal. We’d need to raise $49,200 in a single week. We are discussing the possibility of extending the deadline but right now that likely will only happen if we start to see some real momentum in the campaign.

The good news is that once again, this is a flexible goal situation. If we raise enough money that we can make some painful budgeting decisions AND still make the movie, we can do that and make Eternal Camping a reality. If you are thinking about donating, helping us get to that stage is still a way to help us. We can still make this movie true, we just need the help of people who think this would make a great film!