Day 395: Indiegogo

We continued to work on spreading the word about the Indiegogo campaign. As of the writing of this entry, we didn’t seem to get any new backers but we did get more promises of donations tomorrow or over the weekend. Generally campaigns to see a slow-down between the first couple days and this mid-period before picking up at the end but we’re hoping that with the weekend, we can create some real momentum. We still have about a week left and on Monday, we’ll decide if it’s worth extending the deadline beyond that but we’re still committed to getting funded.

In case you are wondering, we’ve been focusing our attention on a movie forum that I run and Facebook as well as twitter. We’ve also been reaching out to our friends and family that aren’t on social media and some of them have backed the project! We also started to analyze some data we’ve been getting to try to find areas we can improve our messaging. We’ll keep working at spreading the word throughout the day, trying to find backers, and over the weekend as well.