Day 394: Indiegogo

Today we managed to get to $800-just $200 shy of hitting the $1,000 milestone! We hope to be able to reach that either later today or tomorrow. Progress has been slow and we do need to pick up some real momentum if we want to reach significant enough funds to make it worthwhile. We’re at work at doing that: we’re sending out multiple status updates throughout the day, trying to get friends to donate, and even consulting with some crowdfunding experts to see what we can do to increase our yield.

There really isn’t much else to say except that we are considering the possibility of extending the deadline especially if we start to see some real progress with funding. We’re hoping that since we’re putting in the work and as we approach the weekend, we can increase the speed of donations we’re getting and start getting some real momentum. As paychecks come in, people who have been waiting to donate will get a chance to do so. So just because progress has been slow doesn’t mean we’re giving up or that there’s no way we’ll get significant funding to do to the movie!

Remember if you’ve donated to tell your family and friends about the project! We’re also always available to answer any questions about the project. Thanks for all the support so far, it really means a lot! We believe that with your help, we can do this!