Day 393: Indiegogo

Today we kept working on spreading the word about the Indiegogo campaign. We’ve increased donations to $700 and overall we did better on our second day so far than we did in the first day.

We’re going to keep spreading the word throughout the day but just to clarify where we’re going if we don’t meet our funding goal:

[*] If we get a decent amount of money (at least $5,000) from the Indiegogo campaign we can combine it with our independent raised money to have a basic bare bones budget to shoot the movie. It will mean having to make some painful budgeting decisions but it can be done.

[*] If we don’t raise around at least $5,000, we’ll be refunding the donors and won’t collect the money. We’ll still make the movie but expect a larger delay in the production of the film. It’s also possible we’ll explore another crowdfunding run-maybe on another platform.

The movie will happen regardless of we meet our goal but it will impact the quality and time if we don’t get any level of funding from our Indiegogo run. If you’ve donated, please continue sharing! If you haven’t donated but are thinking about, please free to contact us to see if we can convince you! We do need this money to create a good movie in a timely fashion!