Day 388: Marketing + Video

Today I kept working on the marketing for Eternal Camping by analyzing the current ad push for likes to see if I need to make any adjustments or not. It seems to be working rather well. The cost per page like is $.60 which is about in line with the other advertising pushes I’ve made.

I also made some last minute adjustments to the video. I was pretty much planning on just updating the credits to make sure they were up-to date and to swap out the Twitter/Facebook/Indiegogo images to better reflect the latest version of those sites. I believe the credits are right now and the latest images are now in the video. I’ve exported it for the final time. I believe I got all the names right as well so there should be no need for me to ever open the iMovie file again!

I did make a couple adjustments I didn’t expect to have to make. For some reason, some of the files in the video went “missing” so I had to replace those. But I also decided to change the way the credits started by overlaying it on the final image. I feel like this works better in keeping the momentum by naturally building into them. I also added a last fade to black at the end.