Day 386: Marketing + Strategy

Today I kept analyzing the marketing of this week and I’ve continued to work on next week’s materials based on that. I’m pretty confident that next week’s marketing push will also be successful in driving likes to the Facebook page. Next week is an important one for the project: it’s the final week before we launch the Indiegogo campaign I’ve seen over a hundred days working on. I’m hoping that the launch on February 27th will be very successful but I won’t lie and pretend I’m also not nervous about it.

I would expect a few tweets/posts next weekend as we’ll begin a countdown on Monday to the Indiegogo launch day. I’m also going to work next week on finalizing just about everything. While the Indiegogo video is all but done, I still need to update just a few things. I also need to bring the Indiegogo page up to date and do a last minute check of it. That way on Monday, all I have to do is launch the project.

Next week’s schedule:

Monday: Marketing! Launch a new ad campaign.

Tuesday: Marketing analysis + Finish up the video

Wednesday: Marketing + Indiegogo page update

Thursday: Marketing analysis + Indiegogo page update

Friday: Marketing + Indiegogo strategy

Saturday: Marketing

Sunday: Marketing