Day 384: Marketing

Today I kept working on marketing. I scheduled the final character info on social media: Antonio. I tend to find that doing these big posts that reveal something about the project tend to better than the smaller posts I was doing earlier. Spacing them out among the days seems to also be a better idea as is attaching the photo directly to the post. I’m already brainstorming ideas for next week’s “big” post before the Indiegogo launch on February 27th. There are now less than two weeks before the campaign begins and we seek to raise $50,000.

I continue to look at how the current ad is performing. The current cost per page like is around the average of the other ads and the reach has been fine. That means it’s performing on par with the other ads. I’ve also began thinking based on the ads I’ve done for next week’s ad. After all, I’ll have one more week to really get as many people to follow the project as possible before we start seeking money. I’ll keep brainstorming tomorrow on the final stage of the marketing campaign.