Day 383: Marketing

It’s interesting to see how an ad plays over time. Yesterday when the current ad began, it had a high cost of over $1 per like. Now it’s way below that. As time goes on, the ads seem to perform better. I am of course keeping my eye on how well the ad is performing but it seems to be doing fine so far.

The last ad I did got had every 40 person who saw it like the page. The current ad is averaging that every 43 person who saw it liked the page. They are thus performing about the same but this one is still very early. We began the marketing campaign with about 270 likes. We’ve reached 1,000 likes and we’re on tracking to have reached 1,270 likes by the time we launch the Indiegogo campaign.

In other work, I prepared the marketing material for the final character info I plan to release on Indiegogo. Next week I’m thinking of complimenting the ad with a basic synopsis of the plot.