Day 382: Marketing + Strategy

Today I kept working on the marketing campaign. First I have some good news: over the weekend, we officially reached over 1,000 likes! That’s fantastic news and considering our very low marketing budget, shows that there’s some demand for this film! Almost all of our ads so far have had a very low cost per page like: each less than $1 and some being as low as one penny per like.

The ad campaign for last week ended and I created a new one: this time it’s based around the character art that hopefully entices people to check out more about the project and like the page. I considered a version which had the logo at the bottom of the image but I couldn’t crop it right using Facebook’s tool so I decided to just use the base image. I think it still works well and catches the viewer’s attention.

Tomorrow I’ll work at seeing how the ad is performing, see if I need to make any adjustments, and continue to asses the marketing campaign and it’s plan.