Day 381: Marketing + Strategy

Today I kept working Eternal Camping’s marketing. I continued to analyze what I was doing. It’s also strategy day so I also worked on strategy and that included working on what I’m going to be marketing next week. I already have the ad planned: it’s going to include all the kids with a similar message to this week’s ad. I also planned on when to release the final character info: once again, that will be Wednesday.

Even more important is that Maria has finished all the storyboards. The character art is final. She finished her work yesterday. I’m sad to say that her time with the project is over: she’s a great artist, very friendly, and I think she’s done an amazing job. Her artwork has elevated not only the marketing campaign but the Indiegogo project. But alas, we must look to the future!

Here is next week’s schedule:

Monday: Marketing

Tuesday: Marketing

Wednesday: Marketing

Thursday: Marketing

Friday: Marketing + Strategy