Day 374: Marketing

Today I primarily did three things. The first is I looked more into promoting the Youtube video but I determined that with my very limited budget, it wouldn’t be a wise use of resources. It really does appear that if you have a very tiny budget, Facebook is the best social media site to get the word of your independent project out.

The second is that I looked at how well the video was doing. According to Youtube, the teaser has an 81% audience retention rate. I’m not sure if that includes the numerous times I went to the video just to get the link but I think it does suggest most people are watching it to the end. That’s promising. On Facebook, we’ve gotten over 1,000 video views. I think that’s great in terms of getting Eternal Camping out there but I’m not sure if people are liking what they see it. I think next week, I’m going to go back to promoting the page directly since that continues to be the most productive way to promote Eternal Camping.

The final thing I did on marketing was continue to emphasize the teaser. I pinned the teaser to my personal twitter account and the official Eternal Camping twitter account. I pinned it to the Eternal Camping Google+ page. I got into Tumblr and created a page and embedded the Youtube link in there. Finally, I included a link at the top menu of this site that takes you straight to the youtube video. In essence, no matter which social media you follow, the video will be easy to get to and watch.