Day 373: Marketing + Video

Today I kept working on Eternal Camping. On the marketing side, we’re already at 700 views for the Eternal Camping teaser trailer on Facebook. We have a per-cost view of $.02 which I think is pretty great. It’s helped that some people have shared the video! Any help with social media is appreciated! I also pinned the post to the top of the Eternal Camping page. I also looked into Instagram and from what I can tell, to promote the video, I have to do it through Facebook. I’ll go ahead and run a separate promotion for just Indiegogo next week when this promotion is done.

I also updated a picture on the Indiegogo video and then updated the credits to reflect some recent changes.

Tomorrow I’m going to consider promoting the youtube video link. I’m not sure if it’s worth spending money to promote Youtube: based on the the info Google gave me, it seemed to require a significant investment to make a real impact. Right now I’ve found Facebook/Instagram to be the best choice for super low-budget marketing campaigns.

If you haven’t seen the video, click the link here!