Day 369: Marketing + Video

Today I primarily analyzed marketing and performance of social media posts. For instance, yesterday’s post on Laredo is performing extraordinary well. Facebook is recommending I boost it but since I’m concentrating on getting likes, I likely won’t. I also looked at how the ad promotions for the other boosted posts went. According to Facebook, I ran ads that performed 95% better than other ads. I had a cost acquisition of $.01. This sounds pretty good for someone who has no marketing training or background! I think the real person to thank here is Maria’s excellent artwork: it’s easy to like something so well done. The two posts got combined got over 6,000 likes on Instagram AND we now have 43 followers. That’s a huge improvement from the 15 followers we had when I began the campaign. On Facebook, we’re now up to 350 likes/follows ever and gaining more since the page is still being promoted.

Alas, the twitter account still has few followers at only 17. I’ll try to think of ways to improve that number for next week. Overall, I think we’re doing pretty great and as Jeff noted, some of the likes we’ve been getting for the Facebook page have been through word-of-mouth!

Finally, I continued to swap out old images in the Indiegogo video for new images. I’m going to keep working on that tomorrow and export the new video.