Day 368: Marketing + Video

Today I continued marketing. It’s interesting what I’m learning: posts with no images attached (even if they do have a picture) tend to do worse than when I actually attach images with the post. I’m not entirely sure why that is. I can understand them being more visually interesting than the ones without a picture but there’s posts on there that do have a picture, it’s just not attached to the post. So far the ad promoting the actual page has had some level of success and we’re to over 300 likes on the Facebook page now. I’m going to keep watching that number to see how successful the ad is.

I continued with editing the video to include the new content. This is pretty much just swapping out old pictures with new ones. All of the temporary character art I’ve put in before is now the latest character art for everyone. That part of the pitch is now practically done. I’ve got some new versions of the storyboard in other parts of the video that I’ll switch out tomorrow and I need to find final art for two remaining placeholder images. All-in-all the video might be entirely done by Friday.