Day 367: Marketing

Today I began the refocus from trying to promote specific posts and tweets to actually trying to get people to follow and like the Facebook page. This meant taking one of Maria’s images and opening up GIMP. Using the font of the logo, I put in the title and a credit at the bottom. Instead of using the black text for Eternal followed by the red text for Camping, I had to switch the first to white text to make it visible. Alas, I then discovered that for cropping reasons Facebook made me do, only the title would be visible. I’m relatively satisfied with the finished product so I paid to attach it and promote the Facebook page.

I might depending on the results of this ad also replicate my original advertisement experiment that got the page over 200 likes with a minimal budget. People responded to that one. We’ll see how this one goes first though. In other news, we’re at over 4,000 likes on the two Instagram images I promoted.