Day 365: Marketing + Video

Today I kept marketing and working on the video!

On the marketing front, I think it’s been somewhat successful. On Instagram, the two posts that have been promoted have over 2,500 likes now combined which is pretty good but we’ve gotten only a few followers which isn’t good. On Facebook we’ve gotten some more likes but not enough for me to be happy with. Same with twitter. The goal next week is to not promote specific tweets and posts but the actual pages/accounts if possible. The goal is to get as many people following the project rather than just liking individual posts: after all, you can easily forget what you’ve liked but if your getting constant updates, your being reminded of the project.

On the video front I finished making the changes that my friend recommended. I did just get a whole bunch of content from Maria so next week will be about switching out some temporary content from the pitch video. The good news is that the video should be completely done by the end of next week and I can concentrate completely on marketing. We shall see!