Day 363: Marketing + Video

Today I continued the marketing for Eternal Camping. I have a really small budget for marketing (if I had enough money to really market this, I’d just fund the movie) so I’m trying to be as wise as possible. I do believe I am getting some results already and I’m slowly learning what’s working and what’s not working. The good news is when you can promote tweets for $10 and boost Facebook posts for $10, you still get the potential for a wide-enough audience to hopefully make it worthwhile. We’ll see.

Tomorrow I boosted two more Facebook posts and started to analyze the first tweet I promoted. I could be wrong but it feels like I get more “bang” for my buck with Facebook than I get with twitter.

Finally, I went back into the video and implemented most of the suggestions made by my friend. I’m going to keep working a bit tomorrow to do the rest but for the most part, the video is already a lot better thanks to his feedback!