Day 362: Marketing

Today I started the marketing push for Eternal Camping. I scheduled multiple tweets and posts for the day. I boosted one of the tweets and one of the posts to start experimenting with reaching people through sponsoring content. I’m going to use this data in an attempt to improve future attempts and reach as many people as possible! It’s low spending at this point but vital spending that could guarantee the success of the Indiegogo campaign! I will continue to do more tomorrow.

The most important part was getting Jeffrey familiar with Hootsuite so that he could help by sending out tweets and posts. This way I’m not the only one doing marketing and between the two of us, I believe we can get enough people interested to check out more information about Eternal Camping. They will then hopefully save the date (February 27th) and be there when we launch the Indiegogo campaign as our first donors! I’m hopeful for success!