Day 361: Marketing

Today I started the process of marketing for Eternal Camping. It started by scheduling some tweets, Facebook posts, and google+ posts using the official Eternal Camping social media pages. I also did schedule one for Instagram. For some reason, I wasn’t getting notifications to manually send in each scheduled Instagram posts so it hasn’t been updated since Christmas. I’ve solved the problem so that from now on, Instagram should be getting updated like it should.

What about my personal accounts? I’ll likely do some advertising there, especially when we launch, but I want to avoid spamming those for now. I don’t want people to get tired of me constantly promoting Eternal Camping before we even launch the campaign after all! Next week I’m going to start running paid promotions of some of the posts. And if you read any of my promotional tweets/posts and want to share them or engage, feel free! Eternal Camping needs all the promotion it can get!

I also did do some strategy work and here’s the schedule for next week:

Monday: Marketing Day!

Tuesday: I’m going to do some marketing and put in some of the edits my friend suggested.

Wednesday: Marketing Day and work on video if need be.

Thursday: Marketing Day and work on video if need be.

Friday: Marketing Day, meeting with Maria, and some strategy!