Day 359: Marketing Prep

Today I started implementing my marketing plan to launch a marketing campaign this Friday! The goal is to try and get as many people on board Eternal Camping before we actually launch the project in the hopes of getting as many donations as possible in the first twenty-four hours.

What this means is that you can expect some more social media updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages in an effort to attract follows. You’ll see more promotion of Maria’s artwork. It also means having to spend some money to actually get the word out. Today was more about preparing some of the material and specifically when to send them. It was more planning.

Tomorrow the planning continues. Friday I’ll start marketing more but the real marketing push with actual money comes next week. This gives me a few days (and the weekend) to line up some things like using the business account rather than my personal account to pay for expenses!

I also had a meeting with Maria today. It was great and I’m excited to be using her art to promote the Indiegogo campaign! She’s been making a lot of progress still.