Day 356: Strategy

Today I spent coming up with a plan for next week: it was really going over my marketing plan and deciding how and when to execute it over the coming weeks. Like I said, I believe that the teaser is mostly done already and that should meet the deadline. Based on the meeting with Jeffrey on Monday, I’ll be able to fully say if it’s locked (meaning 100% done) on Tuesday or not. As for the pitch, that’ll have to wait a bit more than likely. Next week I’ll try to wrap on the video but I’ll also start preparing and launching the marketing campaign for Eternal Camping! I’m pretty excited!

Next Week’s Schedule:

Monday: Work on editing the video and meeting with Jeffrey.

Tuesday: Try to lock up the teaser part of the video to meet the deadline.

Wednesday: Keep working on the pitch part of the video if necessary. Prepare marketing materials.

Thursday: Prepare marketing materials and campaign.

Friday: Launch Eternal Camping marketing and strategy.