Day 353: Strategy

Today I focused primarily on strategy and that’s to meet the deadline to finish the video by January 10th. I feel like I’m pretty close enough after the last couple days that once all the images are finalized, it should be done by that date. I’m now also weighing the possibility of actually releasing the teaser before the Indiegogo campaign and separately from the pitch video in an attempt to build interest. We’ll see.

Anyways here’s the schedule for when I come back from Christmas Break on January 4th:

Wednesday January 4th: Video Editing

Thursday January 5th: Video Editing

Friday January 6th: Strategy Day

The goal over those two days is to pretty much keep improving the video in any way possible whether that’s pacing it even better, making sure the font for the title at the end of the teaser matches the font for the current Eternal Camping logo, switching out pictures, or even continuing to work on the audio part.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!