Day 352: Editing

Today I kept editing the video, primarily working on pacing but also a few things. I removed a whole bit where we talked about the website and the blog I’ve been doing since it came right after a bit where we discussed the daily updates we planned to give. In the end, I thought it was sort-of repetitive and I figured we could relay that information through the Indiegogo page rather than the video. I also removed a lot of pauses to keep things flowing quicker.

I also finally figured out a way to separate the teaser video and audio from the large block text block that acted as filler when I first put together the teaser audio. This was messing up my ability to fade in and out as well as being able to properly pace the film. Overall, it’s a huge improvement now that I can fade into the pitch rather than cutting directly to it. Finally, I spent time working on changing audio volumes for the songs so that they fade in and out properly.

Overall, the video is a lot better now than it was even yesterday. It runs quicker and I went from 3:25 to 3:12. That means if you get rid of the credits, the whole video plays under 3 minutes!