Day 351: Editing

Today I edited the Indiegogo teaser and the pitch video. Today the focus was on pacing, making sure that we keep the audience interested throughout the whole video by keeping things moving while at the same time making sure they are keeping up. First up was the teaser where I significantly cut down on the time we see each clip and removed parts of some lines. I also rearranged those lines a bit to try to build up the tension more. In the end, we lost about 4 seconds there, kept things moving a lot more briskly, and in general the teaser is working a lot better.

The next change I made was with the Indiegogo pitch where I worked on pacing that part. I removed an entire line that was unnecessary, cut some other lines as well that weren’t necessary or repetitive, and in general we went from being a 3:42 video to 3:25. It’s shorter, it moves along faster now, and it’s made the whole thing more interesting. There’s still more bits I can cut: unnecessary pauses and the like can be removed to keep things going. I’m going to work on that tomorrow.

Overall, the video is leaner and better today than it was last week.