Day 350: Strategy

Today I worked on strategy. Now that we’re approaching the new year, I want to really be ready to launch the Indiegogo campaign. It’s taken about a year to prepare it and I think we’re close to being ready to begin launching it. I still have to finish the video but that should be done sometime in January. Therefore today’s strategy session had mostly to do with setting up tentative dates. These aren’t final, they might be pushed depending on quality, but it’s currently what I’m thinking is possible:

December 22nd: Christmas Break begins

January 4th: Christmas Break ends

January 10th: Video is done and finished.

January 13th: Marketing for Indiegogo campaign begins.

February 27th: Indiegogo campaign launches.

March 13th: Indiegogo campaign ends hopefully with us having reaching our $50,000 goal.

The week after that we’ll officially begin pre-production process if we get funding (the week before that will be spent preparing for pre-production).

The goal then is to film the movie in the summer, probably starting in late July, beginning of August. This is all liable to change.

Of course, this all depends on how work progresses on the video (if it’s terrible, I’d have to edit a new one) and how the artwork comes along from Maria.

Next week will be a short one: I’m only working Monday to Tuesday and then on Wednesday I’ll do some strategy to come up with a gameplan for finishing the Indiegogo video after the break.

Finally, yesterday Maria showed me her latest progress. The latest version of yet another storyboard from her is up above. She’s doing fantastic work and I’ll be meeting with her again in January!

Next Week’s Schedule:

Monday: Work on fixing pacing issues with the teaser trailer.

Tuesday: Work on fixing pacing issues with the pitch part of the video.

Wednesday: Strategy Day

Thursday: Christmas Break

Friday: Christmas Break