Day 349: Footage

Today I worked on editing the teaser footage. This wasn’t just putting in the new footage into the timeline but it was about manipulating the image colors. This basically meant first fixing the way the camera shot the footage. The camera is a pretty good one but also a pretty cheap one: in order to get more realistic colors, I had to apply a fix using iMovie’s options. After that, I also wanted to give the appearance that the forest was darker to make it more mysterious and build the tension as the teaser plays out so I did some of that.

I then sent the latest video to Jeff and he had some good feedback that I’m going to start implementing next week: working on pacing the video better. The goal after all is to keep the viewer interested so the pacing has to be just right.

There is a meeting with Maria that should happen later today. It’s technically in our normal time but because of the time zone change, it’s happening pretty late for me so I’ll write about it tomorrow.