Day 348: Footage

This morning I went out and shot footage for the teaser video. I pretty much just walked around, took my camera, and pointed at things I thought might look good on video. Of course, it wasn’t necessarily as simple as that. I had to ensure that I captured no houses or people in the shot or I wouldn’t be able to use it: using people means getting them to sign releases and houses would ruin the illusion that this deep in the woods.

I needed exactly nine shots to use for the teaser but I got more than that.  So does this mean 100% I’m going to use some of this footage? We’ll see tomorrow when I finish up a new rough draft of the video and send it for feedback. If the shots work, then we can “lock” it up for now. If they don’t then I have a chance to shoot more footage next week. Otherwise, I can go back to the public domain footage or do a combination of both.