Day 346: Strategy

Today I worked on strategy. People who have been following the project at least semi-regularly know that I had originally planned to launch the Indiegogo project earlier this year. Alas, there had been multiple delays. Shooting the pitch had taken longer than expected and it took three tries before I believe we found the right track. Instead of showing one of us talking to the camera, it’s all through audio we recorded and then relevant pictures to what we’re talking about.

The teaser itself saw the casting process take longer than expected and then we settled for public domain footage. Well the good news is that the pitch part of the video gets closer to completion as Maria keeps working on the artwork. As for the public domain footage? I plan to hopefully replace that footage next week with footage I am shooting by myself assuming all goes well.

Based on my current estimates, the video will be done by the end of January. We’re likely to launch a marketing campaign at the end of that month. If all goes well, that means we’ll be launching the Indiegogo project sometime in February. Of course, this is liable to change. The video has to be good after all or we won’t get funding. Still after a year, we’re way closer to launching the Indiegogo campaign than we were before.

This is the schedule for the following week:

Monday: Work on the Indiegogo page to try to make it even prettier.

Tuesday: Travel day. Don’t expect an update today although I do plan on trying to go to the bank today to open up a business account for Eternal Camping.

Wednesday: Shooting the video in the woods.

Thursday: Transfer the footage of the woods into my computer and sort them. Meeting with Maria.

Friday: Strategy day.