Day 343: Video

Today I kept working on the video. This was primarily less about putting in the storyboards and the character art and making sure that it all played well. For instance, on the storyboard image on the right in the image above is over a black notice box (this is so that it doesn’t screw up the audio at the bottom). For some reason, the video would cut to a second of a black screen and the words rather than straight to the storyboard image like every other time I do this in the video. The trick then was figuring this out without affecting the audio at the bottom.

There were a couple other areas that I needed to make sure there were no weird glitches like that. In addition to making sure there were no problems, I also worked a bit on the pacing of the video. For instance, each image has some kind of pan or zoom. The trick then was making sure that each pan or zoom goes at just the right speed based on the audio and how long we stay on that picture. The movement is to keep what you see interesting (still images otherwise will lose a viewers attention if they don’t move) and can help focus the viewer on something. For instance, when Jeff first introduces the kids and Dallas, I show a picture of all the kids. This is a “locked” image which means it’s pretty final. I wanted to ensure that it zoomed into Dallas’ face as Jeffrey started talking about him.

But it couldn’t go to fast or too slow otherwise it looks awkward. So figuring this out takes time, patience, and consistently editing the same thing a million times.  So even though it doesn’t seem like I was doing a lot, refining each image was work. Of course, I didn’t bother doing this for the filler images outside of some very basic movements since I need a final image, or close to it, in order to work on this. But the images that are final still take time.