Day 342: Video

Today I went back into the Indiegogo video and started replacing filler content with actual content and some more current filler content. The actual content is some of the storyboards that are mostly done. They might have to be switched out for any changes Maria makes to them but for the most part, that’s where they belong and that’s pretty much done. The more current filler content is mostly the character art. Once I get the individual character art thenĀ  I can say for sure it’s final for all of the characters but right now only the Dallas character art is “final”. The rest I just put in the latest images to give a better sense of how the video is flowing.

Tomorrow I’m going to go back in and work some on the pacing of those images. I will also make some other general improvements. Then Wednesday I’ll replace any updated images and there’s one place where I left the original filler content that I want to replace with a good storyboard image.