Day 341: Strategy

Today I worked on strategy and had a meeting with Maria. She’s doing great progress and I think we have enough artwork from her to work on the video again. This isn’t to say that she’s done or that more work won’t have to be done when she is, but I can at least start making changes.

I’m also going to be visiting San Antonio soon and when that happens, I’ve decided to try and capture some footage of woods those weeks as well as taking care of some important business. This should improve the quality of the teaser tremendously as well as taking important steps towards being able to launch the Indiegogo video. But that’s not for another couple weeks.

Next week’s schedule:

Monday: Work in storyboards and character art into the video. Adding in the storyboards should be simple but the character art might be complicated since right now they are just one image.

Tuesday: Keep working on the storyboards and character art in the video by perfecting it.

Wednesday: Meeting with Maria and if she’s done any new storyboards, work them into the video.

Thursday: Update Indiegogo page with latest images.

Friday: Strategy Day!