Day 338: Act One

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving break! I had a pretty good one. Anyways, this week I’m going to go back into the script and try to improve it. I’ll see on Thursday how along Maria is before determining what I’ll be doing next week.

Now that a whole week has passed where I haven’t looked at the script recently, it basically means I can look at what I have with a fresher pair of eyes. I worked some more on the changes I made, improving them so they flowed into the script better. I also did cut a few lines and reworked some scenes so that the pacing is better. Tomorrow I’m going to work on Act Two.

(This week’s schedule:

Tuesday: Work on Act One of the Script.

Wednesday: Work on Act Two of the Script

Thursday: Work on Act Three of the script and meeting with Maria.

Friday: Strategy day!)