Day 328: Strategy

So this week, I’ve continued to improve the web presence of Eternal Camping and I’ve updated the Indiegogo video and project to reflect those changes. As I look at what I have to do before the artwork is done, there really isn’t anything for me to do. I already know the budget, the Indiegogo page is practically done, the video is as complete as it can be without the artwork, and the marketing campaign can’t begin in earnest until I know when I can launch the Indiegogo campaign. I don’t want to launch it and then after building up to a launch, have to postpone it because the art took longer than I thought. So I’m going to take a break from the Indiegogo campaigning this coming week and work on the script.

Monday: Go through the script and make changes. A lot of these changes will be minor grammatical fixes and other things and making notes other changes I could be making. I have a meeting with Maria scheduled for this day.

Tuesday: Implement those changes and go through the script again, reading it out loud to catch what sounds off. (I will also be voting today!)

Wednesday: Keep working on the script.

Thursday: Keep working on the script.

Friday: Strategy day