Day 326: Team Page

Today I had scheduled to work on the forum for Eternal Camping. Access to the forum is supposed to be an Indiegogo perk. Basically if you donate money, you get to join and post in it. I decided against setting up the forum today for two reasons: 1) there’s cost and since this would count as a business cost, I want to wait until the business account is set up and 2) I’m not sure I want to offer this as a perk anymore. After all, Eternal Camping has a Facebook page, it will have Indiegogo comments, and there is this website. There are many areas for fans to communicate with me and to communicate with each other already. I’m not sure yet the forum would be worth the cost.

Of course, I could not not do anything today. I decided to add a page that I meant to do before but didn’t get around to it earlier: adding a small “team” page to the website. There you can get a brief profile of me and Jeff as we’re the two producers. While Maria is helping with the art, she’s only sticking around until we launch the Indiegogo project at which point she won’t be a part of the team anymore.