Day 323: Strategy

(The image is an amazing work-in-progress storyboard from Maria Terentieva!)

Today I worked on some strategy. Once again, at this stage there isn’t a lot for me to do but nonetheless I will do my best to keep busy so that when the art is done, we’re ready to launch.

Monday:  Happy Halloween! I’m going to replace some of the stand-in images on the Indiegogo pages with Maria’s artwork.

Tuesday:  I have a meeting with Maria. I’m also going to try to see if I can figure out how to switch the Eternal Camping logo and the top menu on the website.

Wednesday: One of the promised perks of the Indiegogo campaign is a forum. I plan to set up the forum.

Thursday: Update the pictures on the Indiegogo pitch video to include the new theme of the website and social network pages.

Friday: Strategy day!