Day 321: Website Theme

Today I pretty much established a brand new website theme and made some other changes. While I liked the old theme a lot, I did have some problems with it. The menu was hidden to the side and you had to click a button to find it. I was a bit worried some people might not notice it or think to click it thus missing out on everything the site has to offer. I also didn’t like how the header image didn’t take up the whole header or the vast amount of space between it and the rest of the page.

The new theme is thus an improvement. I made sure to have the same color layout because I happened to like it: it’s why I went with the last theme after all. The menu is now above the header image (I’d prefer to flip it but I haven’t been able to figure out how yet). I updated the image on the story page: going from the old black-and-white storyboard to the most recent color one. I added a characters image to the characters page that has every character.

I also rebranded the Social Media page to Community. All in all, it’s the same website, but I think it’s new look is a huge improvement in terms of navigating the site.