Day 316: Add-On Store

Today I continued my research and looking into the add-on store. This is pretty much the same as yesterday: looking into price, feasibility, and shipping issues. I also started to work at eliminating items from the list for whatever reason. I have multiple items on there and I want to have a maximum of 6 items. I’m going to keep working on this tomorrow.

I also met with Maria. She’s hard at work on the art and she’s made some good progress on one of them. I’ll be showing it this Friday to give you guys a great look! It’s still a work-in-progress but it’s turning out as good as the other storyboard.

Just as a note: I am moving on Friday into a new apartment so I’m not sure when the Friday update will be out. It also means that tomorrow is going to be spent packing up my items: don’t expect long updates over the next couple of days.