Day 314: Add-On Store

Today I worked on the potential add-on store for the Indiegogo campaign. I decided to work on it on pages instead of OpenOffice simply became I find it easier to create pretty documents with it. I also brainstormed a lot of item ideas. I’m not going to use most of them: at most, I expect to only have six items as part of the store. But which items? Some of the items are obvious (t-shirt) that almost every project has. A few are related to the idea that this is a feature film (a script, movie poster) for those who like to collect movie objects. The final is taking advantage that since the movie is about camping, we could do camping supplies like tents or matchbooks.

I now have a long list of potential items. The goal over the upcoming week is to narrow it down to just six items: this means having to cut most of them. This will depend on many factors including price, feasibility, and how well it looks. I don’t want to offer a tent if I can’t actually deliver one. I also don’t want to sell a jacket if it’s going to cost me more than $100 to sell. Things like that. In the end, I want a mix of fun items that look good, people will buy, and I can deliver.